About Us

Hi there. You can call me SAM. I’m a Mechanical Engineer by education and researcher by spirit. I’m enthusiastic about everything related to machines and how they improve our individual life as well as society. Tools are the most important machines that enable us to create, invent and build things we have imagined. We cannot turn our abstract thoughts into material realities without having the right tools at our disposal. This is why I have created HandyToolAdviser.com.

Handy Tool Adviser is committed to finding the right tools for your requirement. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in hand and power tools, therefore, we research the online market for finding tools best suited for particular applications.

It is easy to find qualities of a tool because that’s what marketing campaigns and landing pages of a product focus on, however, we strive to present shortcomings of even the top tools we recommend side by side with its qualities to give a very clear and transparent picture to our readers so they can make informed buying decisions.

We believe the right tool choice is made when you examine the details of your application with the same focus with which you read specifications and features of a product you intend to buy. The right choice of a tool is all about matching the top features of the tool with your top priorities as well as matching the shortcomings of the tool with your acceptable compromises. That is why, we also include guide topics in our posts for providing technical information in simple language to our readers for improving their understanding about the product and how it would fit their utility.

We hope that the information we are providing on this platform helps you in making informed buying decisions. If you have any suggestion or feedback for us, we welcome you to approach us through our contact form.