Drills & Drivers Reviews

What is Inherent Availability in Maintenance & Reliability? – Clarifying Misconceptions & Addressing Knowledge Gaps 

We explain the concept of Inherent Reliability – A metric used in industrial maintenance and reliability management.

What is Achieved Availability in Maintenance & Reliability? – Intuitive Explanation with Example Calculation 

Intuitive explanation of Achieved Availability – Metric used in Industrial Maintenance & Reliability Management.

Layman Explanation of MTTR (Mean Time To Repair or Replace) 

Explaining in simple English the term Mean Time To Repair or Replace (MTTR) used in maintenance management.

MTBF & MTTF – Simple English Explanation 

We explain the terms Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) in simple and practical language.

Example Calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – How to Calculate OEE? – Explained with Storytelling 

We give a detailed example of calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for HVAC equipment (in a story telling style).

The 8 Wastes of Lean Maintenance Management – Applying Lean Manufacturing (or Lean Production) Philosophy to Maintenance 

Explaining the 8 wastes of lean manufacturing (or lean production) philosophy that are applicable on maintenance management.

Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) vs. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – The Difference Decoded 

Intuitive explanation of the difference between Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP) & Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Layman Explanation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 

We explain in layman terms what is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – a metric maintenance teams aim to maximize in industry.

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How Much Maintenance Manpower Does an Efficient Plant Need? – Ratio of RAV to Craft-wage Headcount: A Useful Metric to Understand 

We explain a useful metric that is used by maintenance managers to determine efficiency of their maintenance workforce.

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Maintenance Work Order System (or Work Management System) Explained [FOR NOOBS] 

We explain the maintenance work order system (or work management system) used by maintenance departments in simple words.

Best Impact Driver (1/4″) – Top 9 Rankings 

We research the market to bring you the best impact driver for mechanics, woodworking, construction, HVAC and DIY applications.