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Best Tap and Die Set – Top Picks for Mechanics, Machinists, Technicians and Home Use 

From Irwin to Gearwrench, we review popular packages to find the best tap and die set overall as well as the best budget and pro picks.

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Best Torque Wrench for the Money | Top 3 in 1/4″ & 3/8″ | Top 5 in 1/2″ Drive Size 

We find the best torque wrench for different applications as cost effective alternatives to the premium Matco & Snap on torque wrench.

Top 10 Best Wire Strippers | Handy Tool Adviser 

Our recommendations on the best wire strippers for electricians, electronics technicians, HVAC technicians, auto electricians, DIYers & homeowners.

Best Screw Extractor Sets | Application Based Top Picks 

We give you the top 2 picks for best screw and broken bolt extractor sets for occasional use and top 2 picks for professional use.