Affiliate Disclosure

What is Amazon Services LLC Associates Program?

It is an affiliate marketing program where Handy Tool Adviser can earn a small commission for qualifying a sale if you reach Amazon.com from a post or page from Handy Tool Adviser. However, no additional cost is born by the customer due to our affiliation with Amazon i.e. if you had never visited our website and had went straight to Amazon for buying that product, there would be no difference in price.

Why Handy Tool Adviser is an Amazon affiliate?

We enjoy what we do i.e. dive into the technicalities of tools and find out their pros and cons to ascertain its fitness for an application. We have joined Amazon’s affiliate program to monetize our investment of time, effort and money spent on this purpose.

How can you trust that reviews on Handy Tool Adviser are not biased for earning a higher commission?

We invite you to compare our recommendations from other products on Amazon to see if we only select highly priced tools from Amazon to review in our posts. Moreover, you can also survey our website to check if we are always putting those products on top that are most expensive in our list. You won’t find any such trends.

We recommend only those tools that we find fit for our recommendation. This fitness is determined on the basis of extensive product research; examination of its specifications, features, merits and demerits; investigation of customer feedbacks and comparison with competitor products to find where the tool is ahead of competition and where is it lacking.

We present all information to our readers to give a transparent review of the tools that we select without concealing any shortcomings of the tool in fear of a reader getting discouraged to buy the product. After all, good marketing can sell a bad product only once.

We are open to your suggestions to make our content more valuable and useful. Please visit our Contact Us page for providing your valuable feedback.