How to Test Outlet with Multimeter (or Clamp Meter) – 10 Steps 

We explain how to test outlet with multimeter (or clamp meter) in 10 simple steps elaborated with pictures.

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Explaining the Difference Between Milling and Welding 

We explain the difference between Milling and Welding – two manufacturing processes used for making stuff.

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Welding Skid Guide + Ideas for Pickup & Flatbed Truck 

Intro to welding skid with examples of custom made welding skids for pickup trucks & flatbeds. We also give important design considerations.

How do I choose an oscillating tool? – Complete Guide 

We discuss the most important factors in selection of oscillating tool and answer some FAQs along the way.

What should I look for when buying an electric chainsaw? 

We discuss the factors you should consider when choosing an electric chainsaw as well as answering some FAQs along the way.

A Guide on Choosing the right Impact Driver 

We discuss in detail the most important factors to consider when choosing an impact driver. Some Impact Driver FAQs are also discussed.

How do I choose a Brad Nailer? – The Complete Guide 

We discuss the important factors you must consider before making the final choice of buying a brad nailer.

How to Strip Wires with Wire Strippers? – A Brief Guide 

We explain how to use wire strippers to strip normal as well as 3 core flex wires. We also discuss if pliers can be used for the same job.

How to Choose the right Cordless Circular Saw? – Step by Step Guide 

We explain the factors that play the most important role in selection of the right cordless circular saw for your requirement.

What to look for in a Reciprocating Saw & Its Blades? | Buying Guide 

We discuss the important factors you should consider and understand when selecting a reciprocating saw or its blades.

Best Power Tool Brand | Ranking 18 Famous Brands 

We rank 18 manufacturers on history, innovation, popularity, product versatility & cost effectiveness to find the best power tool brand.

History of Power Tools – A Timeline of Innovation 

We look into the history of power tools industry to trace when the top brands were born and when important power tools were invented.

Brushless Motor Technology in Power Tools | Gimmick or Worth it? 

A detailed look into the use of brushless motor technology in power tools and comparison of tangible vs. theoretical advantages.

A Sample Torque Wrench Calibration Certificate

Torque Wrench Calibration | Why, When & How – Complete Guide 

We bring a complete guide on torque wrench calibration from the basic concept of calibration to calibration certificates, we explain it all.

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Remove Rust from Tools – from Ketchup & Coke to Ultrasonic Wave 

From home remedies like soaking in vinegar to industrial techniques like ultrasonic cleaning, we explain how to remove rust from tools & metallic parts.